Chocolate Covered Clementines


While I am away on vacation, I’m reposting some of my holiday favorites.  Enjoy!

The other night, I decided to make some chocolate dipped clementines while I was getting dinner together.  I had a bag of the fruit sitting on my counter top for days. We peeled them, and dunked them in Baker’s chocolate, and then sprinkled them with sea salt and popped them in the refrigerator to harden. It only takes 3 ingredients and 10 minutes to make.

Chocolate covered clementines are the perfect two-bite sized treat for après dinner or a refreshing mid-afternoon snack.  The  juicy citrusy sweetness of the Clementine, combined with the powerful sweetness of the hardened chocolate and the light dusting on the salt render the taste of these treats truly unique… the point where you just can’t eat one slice!  But that’s ok, because if you eat the entire bowlful, you can easily and quickly make another batch!



By dessert time, they were ready-to-be- served.  That’s right, two cookie trays full of chocolate covered clementines disappeared in less than 10 minutes.

Adults will enjoy this as much as the kids!



  1. These sound absolutely delicious (and even a little bit healthy haha). I love the flavor combinations!

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