Mom’s Old Fashioned Rice Pudding

This is one of my favorite recipes on the blog (adapted from Comfy Cuisine).  I have so many fond memories of eating rice pudding as a child.  We didn’t go out to eat much as a family but when we did we’d often go to Maria’s, a local Italian restaurant in Baltimore.  Aside from featuring amazing Italian dishes, I was always ordered their homemade rice pudding for dessert.  It was the best treat, boasting a perfect creamy rice blend, served warm with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon on top.

I loved it.

For something that tastes so decadent and creamy, it’s hard for me to believe how easy Rice Pudding is to make.

Using staple ingredients that can be found in any stocked pantry and refrigerator, you don’t need any culinary skills to whip up the best batch of pudding.

Honestly, this recipe only requires stirring the rice on the stove top with boiled milk and eggs and sugar.

In just 45 minutes you can create the best, most deliciously creamy rice pudding.

We love to add golden raisins to the rice about 2 minutes before removing it from the stove top.

Add a generous sprinkling of fresh cinnamon or shaved dark chocolate on top and you’ve got a winner.

Served warm or cold, in the winter or summer, you’ll be pleased.



  1. Lovely!! Epitome of comfort food.

  2. Oh, we are very big fans of rice pudding!! I will definitely be making this one. Super easy!


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