Veggie Soup


Today we’ve got a tasty new recipe created from our resident soup expert, Serena (aka Seriously Soupy).  Since the weather in the northeast finally feels characteristic of January – bitter cold- I reached out to Serena for one of her latest creations.  What better time than start making (and freezing) some healthy,  hearty, nourishing soups?

Luckily, Serena has literally just finished making some batches of her Veggie Soup.  In fact,  she claims she simply “cleaned out” her fridge for the recipe and used tons of veggies to create a the flavorful and healthy dish.  Perhaps we should nickname it “Compost Soup.”

While Serena’s soup includes carrots, asparagus, potatoes and chickpeas she also reassures us that truly, anything vegetable can also be substituted for whatever you happen to have around. It is really that easy!

We hope you enjoy this simple recipe and that you take refuge in warm soup all winter long.

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