Banana Basil Smoothie

Since receiving my new Ninja blender, I’ve been in smoothie heaven.  In fact, we’ve now deemed Sundays (at least Sundays in the summer) as Smoothie Days.  I’ve found that designating days with certain “themes” gives my kids anticipatory excitement that gets them invested in the food theme.  In fact, it’s amazing how simple french toast, or even a mere bowl of cereal can take on a totally different persona when it’s served at Breakfast for Dinner nights on Wednesday nights.  Same goes for smoothies. My kids have happily slurped Pomegranate … [Read more...]

Blueberry Banana Flaxseed Smoothie

The best part about Mother’s Day, besides getting adorable misspelled hand-made cards and breakfast in bed, was the NINJA making serious noise in my kitchen! Yep, my wish came true.  I received a Ninja, Professional Blender from my family.  And, I’ve already started creating an endless hit list of dishes that should soon meet the wrath of the Ninja’s 6-blade technology- from gazpacho to marinades to chopped veggies to sauces to spreads.  Last year I got hot pink multi-colored Nike I.D. running sneakers and this year I got a sleek black, … [Read more...]

Making Lemonade from Lemons

Last June I wrote a post titled,  "Teaching Your Kids to Make Lemonade from Lemons."  I spent most of the time talking about its figurative meaning-- making the most out of life and turning what could be perceived as negative or "sour" into something positive or "sweet."  It's still something that we continue to massage in my household; obviously a difficult concept for two young kids to fully grasp intellectually.  Today, since spring is truly in the air on the east coast, we're talking about the literal meaning of making lemonade from … [Read more...]

Powerful Green Pomegranate Smoothie

I'm so happy to have finally become a member of The Secret Recipe Club where over 300 selected bloggers are challenged to cook a recipe from an assigned food blog and write about their experiences!  What an amazing opportunity for me to get up close and personal with other respected food bloggers out in the blogosphere.  Today is my group's reveal day and I'm thrilled to showcase a recipe from my first "assignment" over at  The Healthy Jalapeno! Any blog with healthy in its name immediately peeks my interest. Even though I'm on a journey … [Read more...]