Krusteaz Breakfast for Dinner #Giveaway

When Krusteaz approached me to help them promote the notion of breakfast for dinner, I didn't bat an eye!  OF COURSE. For the past few years we a tradition on Wednesday nights: Breakfast-for-Dinner Night.  Everyone in my family loves it for different reasons.  While I thought I was so original with my idea, Krusteaz found that 90% of Americans say the eat breakfast for dinner with more than half of the respondents enjoying a breakfast night dinner once a month or more!  30% even make Breakfast for Dinner a weekly occurrence and 67% of them … [Read more...]

Oven Baked French Toast

The high temperature today is 12 degrees in New York City. 12 degrees! That means within seconds of being outside, any exposed skin feels like ICE.  You literally walk around all day with a chill that drills down to your bones. So, obviously, staying inside sounds more desirable than anything (outside of a trip to the tropics).  And, eating  hearty comfort food is the next best remedy to keep warm. Wednesday nights are breakfast for dinner nights in our apartment.  While my kids love their Chicken Asparagus quiches, the Zucchini and … [Read more...]