Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

I had a craving to make Mom’s Meringue Cookies. Maybe that’s because the landscape in the northeast resembles the white colorless batter—thanks to the blast of arctic weather we’ve had the past few weeks. As I watched the electric mixer beat the egg whites and sugar into stiff peaks, I envisioned the mounds of icy snow that still hug every street corner (days after the last snow storm). In just five minutes, I had a mixing bowl filled with the purest looking batter I’ve ever seen. I love the crispy exterior and hollow interior … [Read more...]

Meringue Mushrooms

Today's guest post is from celebrated foodie, Gloria Kobrin-married 42 years, Mother of two, Grandmother of two.  Gloria has cooked her whole life for groups ranging from four to 100. Gloria specializes in creating delicious gourmet food that is approachable to the home cook and that also happens to be Kosher. Gloria is the author of the Kosher Cookbook App for iPhone and iPad  and has just  launched her new website: Gloria shares her recipes and cooking tips on her Kosher Cookbook page on Facebook:  … [Read more...]