Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies


I had a craving to make Mom’s Meringue Cookies.

Maybe that’s because the landscape in the northeast resembles the white colorless batter—thanks to the blast of arctic weather we’ve had the past few weeks.

As I watched the electric mixer beat the egg whites and sugar into stiff peaks, I envisioned the mounds of icy snow that still hug every street corner (days after the last snow storm). In just five minutes, I had a mixing bowl filled with the purest looking batter I’ve ever seen.



I love the crispy exterior and hollow interior of the cookies. They’re light and airy and almost guilt-free as they’re very low in calories and fat. Mom used chocolate chips in her recipe that adds a welcomed rich creaminess to the sweet cookies.

My first few batches of cookies didn’t turn out exactly as I had expected. Each cookie had cracks running through the middle. Remember that your egg whites need to be room temperature and it’s also imperative to leave the cookies in the oven to cool at least 20-25 minutes after they’re finished baking.


And, once you’re done snacking on your first cookies, make sure to immediately store them in an airtight container so the cookies don’t start to soften. The crunch and then crumble is part of its appeal.

If you want to be festive you can add a little food color to your batter.  We love them bright white with chocolate chips.

Hope you enjoy!




  1. Love these! My mom made them too! Sometimes she would add a mint or raspberry flavoring.

  2. Feel like picking up one and take a bite.

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