Avocados, Quinoa and Popovers, Oh My!

It's been an exciting winter and spring as a contributor for P&G Everyday and P&G Home Made Simple. I've had such a blast developing recipes and writing about topics that are near and dear to my heart as I try to navigate the minefields of the food landscape for myself and my family. If you've missed any of my articles don't fret, I've linked them all here. I hope you'll check them out and that they get you inspired! This summer, be on the lookout for more entertaining articles coming your way on P&G Everyday and P&G Home … [Read more...]

Is Organic For You?

  Are you overwhelmed by all the new monikers placed on food labels? It's hard to escape the word organic as a consumer in today's food marketplace. What does organic mean anyway? Check out my latest articled published over at P&G Everyday:¬† The Benefits of Eating Organic. You'll get some basic, drilled down information on the benefits of eating food grown organically. Your food choices can not only impact your health, but also the environment too. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!   … [Read more...]

P&G Everyday: 7 Foods Ruining Your Diet

Hopefully you've been to P&G's Home Made Simple Site to sample my Cheesy Veggie Quinoa recipe that's featured ? And, maybe you even earmarked it to be cooked? Today, I'm happy to report, I have two new articles featured on P&G Everyday site, both of which I know you'll enjoy. Ever wondered how many foods you're eating that might not be as healthy as they seem? Do you stop to read the labels to educate yourself in the process? Check out my latest article, 7 Foods that could be Ruining Your Diet.¬† You might be surprised¬† at … [Read more...]