How to Fortify Your Immune System

Your immune system provides your defenses against diseases. However, like anything else, sometimes it fails. Want to find out very simple, practical ways you can actually BOOST your immune system through healthier eating? Check out my latest post published at P&G Everyday, Boost Your Immune System with Healthier Eating: Because, let's face it, there's some truth in the expression, "you are what you eat." Being careful about your food routines and choices can make a huge impact on your defenses and … [Read more...]

Is Organic For You?

  Are you overwhelmed by all the new monikers placed on food labels? It's hard to escape the word organic as a consumer in today's food marketplace. What does organic mean anyway? Check out my latest articled published over at P&G Everyday:  The Benefits of Eating Organic. You'll get some basic, drilled down information on the benefits of eating food grown organically. Your food choices can not only impact your health, but also the environment too. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!   … [Read more...]

When Talking “Dirty” is No Longer Sexy

I’m embarrassed.  I’m ashamed.  I’m miffed. No, I don’t have sexual incompatability issues with my husband. No, I haven’t overheard my 9-year old whispering seductive words to her friend on the subway. I’m horrified that I’ve been using fruits and vegetables laden with pesticides and rancid chemicals and you-name-it in my children’s diet --without really thinking about it.  I live in New York City.  All you have to do is step outside your apartment door and shop from the random fruit and vegetable vendor who is camped on every dirty … [Read more...]