Soy Noodles

We're gearing up for Passover in a week so that means that we've been plowing through some of the carbs that are in our pantry.  I usually don't cook too many noodle dishes for dinner because I know that my kids probably default the spaghetti dishes at least two days out of the week. But, this dish is so tasty and easy to make, I knew it would be a homerun. If you don't have some of the ingredients in this recipe, that's ok, I didn't either.  The original recipe has Shaoxing wine which I left out.  And (gulp) use whatever thin noodles you … [Read more...]

Pistachio-Crusted Chicken Breasts w/Raspberry Sauce

For me, there’s no better bonding opportunity than by cooking alongside my big sister; especially when we’re recreating one of Mom’s recipes.   Whenever I’m with my dad and my sister (together )I constantly feel the intensity of the loss of my mom.  This weekend I was with my dad and my sister so, Mom's absence followed me everywhere.  But, I’m still determined to fill that overwhelming void with memories enhanced by her food. As luck would have it, my sister suggested we recreate one of Mom’s celebrated recipes that her family … [Read more...]