Soy Noodles


We’re gearing up for Passover in a week so that means that we’ve been plowing through some of the carbs that are in our pantry.  I usually don’t cook too many noodle dishes for dinner because I know that my kids probably default the spaghetti dishes at least two days out of the week. But, this dish is so tasty and easy to make, I knew it would be a homerun.

If you don’t have some of the ingredients in this recipe, that’s ok, I didn’t either.  The original recipe has Shaoxing wine which I left out.  And (gulp) use whatever thin noodles you want as I didn’t have Hong Kong-style egg noodles.  Bottom line, you certainly don’t need to make an extra trip to seek out the Asian section of a specialty food market.  The soy sauce combined with sugar, Tamari and sesame oil and sriracha pack quite a nice punch. But, you should try to keep in the bean sprouts, it wouldn’t be the same dish without it.

If you’re averse to just eating noodles for dinner, don’t be shy, throw some protein on top.  We enjoyed grilled chicken strips.  And, if you want more flavor, ramp the dark soy sauce and sugar amounts to your liking— you’re the chef.



  1. Simple easy to make yet sounding very delicious.

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