Introducing the Modern Mediterranean Diet

With Memorial Day next weekend, for many, the idea of baring all and wearing a bathing suit can seem daunting at best. In fact, the weather in the northeast has been so mercurial these past few weeks, I have still been layering in sweaters and jackets. So, how can you expedite your countdown to summer and right yourself onto a healthy food journey that will yield results sooner rather than later? Pangea Nutrition has designed a science-based meal planning delivery service designed to help busy Americans incorporate the eating habits … [Read more...]

Little Book of Thin

Ten years ago, I witnessed the power of Lauren Slayton’s nutrition acumen... My fellow work colleague had undergone a major lifestyle transformation and had lost approximately 40 pounds.  When you’re pulling 8-10 hour days with an intimate group of people, it’s inevitable that you start to function as one unit. So, as my friends’ weight came off, we too picked up some nutritional cues and celebrated her milestones along the way. Little did I know at the time, my colleague was a walking poster child for Foodtrainers, Lauren’s successful … [Read more...]