FRIDAY-FOOD-FRENZY: Shrimp and Cheese to Please

My 6-year old recently discovered shrimp.  Actually, I had no idea where or when he had even tried it.  It wasn’t until we cleared out his cubby on the last day of Kindergarten and I finally got the chance to read his “Family Book” that I learned his favorite food is apparently SHRIMP!  You can imagine how surprised, skeptical and excited I was about his declaration.  Most other classmates responded with the generic hot dog or pizza or chicken fingers but, SHRIMP?  How interesting….

Growing up not far from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I felt like I was exposed to some of the best fresh caught seafood in the Mid-Atlantic.  We had plenty of crab feasts at my house where Mom would set up the picnic table in the back, lay out the newspaper and dump a bushel or two of the freshest steamed crabs with shrimp cocktail appetizers.  I remember many hot, sticky summer nights where we were cracking crabs and eating shrimp dimly lit by Citronella candles.  For the week’s Friday-Food-Frenzy, celebrate summer and SHRIMP with two quick and very easy recipes.  Print them, test them and let me know if I should try them out on my 6-year old shrimp lover.



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