Empower Your Finicky Eater {Chicken Fajitas}

I was definitely a stubborn, picky eater growing up.  Even though Mom's kitchen was always full of life with intoxicating smells and a carousel of colorful foods, I usually always defaulted to the generic pasta-with-butter-or-marinara and select meats (namely grilled chicken and hamburgers or cheeseburgers). However, despite my palatal limitations, my mother (and father) did not subscribe to the philosophy of providing me with three different meal choices every night.  Everyone was offered the same meal. There were no exceptions.   The … [Read more...]

FRIDAY-FOOD-FRENZY: Shrimp and Cheese to Please

My 6-year old recently discovered shrimp.  Actually, I had no idea where or when he had even tried it.  It wasn't until we cleared out his cubby on the last day of Kindergarten and I finally got the chance to read his "Family Book" that I learned his favorite food is apparently SHRIMP!  You can imagine how surprised, skeptical and excited I was about his declaration.  Most other classmates responded with the generic hot dog or pizza or chicken fingers but, SHRIMP?  How interesting.... Growing up not far from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I … [Read more...]

FRIDAY-FOOD-FRENZY – Take a DIP for the 4th!

Are you scheduled to have a house/apartment full of people this holiday weekend? Or, are you mooching off your "good" friends?  Either way, you should definitely have a dip.  And no, not a dip in the pool--I'm hoping you're already planning to do that.   Here  are two quick dip recipes for you to print out and put in your back pocket for your last minute weekend grocery trip.  They're easy to make (hey, remember, if I can do it, anyone can).  They're chock full of very basic ingredients. They compliment any classic 4th of July burgers-and-dogs … [Read more...]