Summer BBQ Kick-Off


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It’s almost officially SUMMERTIME!

School is winding down and my kids are ready to take full advantage of their carefree days.  Not only are we breaking out the super high SPF sunscreen, we’re also tweaking our grocery list and stocking up on essentials so we’re prepared for any impromptu summer picnics and grill outs.  Because we live in the concrete jungle of NYC, where our “back yard” is shared with hundreds of strangers, we seek out every opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, to go east and hang out and grill out.  Plus, our annual garden planting takes place in two weeks!

As I’m constantly learning each new summer, it’s important to stretch your imagination at the grill and to try to break the meat barrier.  And, there are plenty of veggie and fruit side dishes I’ve leaf-eared for our summer repertoire which I hope make it on to your summer BBQ hit list too.  So, enjoy, there’s lots more to come.

Do you have any unusual summer recipes for your grill?  Share them with us!

In the meantime, try these recipes:


  1. Sharib the picture of those tomatoes has me drooling.

    I am a huge fan of tomatoes. You can eat them raw or cooked, hot or cold. You can eat them alone or part of a dish.

    You can slice them, dice them, chop them, puree them, juice them….is there anything that you cannot do with them?

    I thought I had seen it all, and then I laid eyes on that gorgeous picture.

    The color of the tomato just leaps of the screen and says please make me today.

    I am thinking that I will be making these tomorrow, or maybe even now.

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