It’s our 2nd Blog-a-versary!!!

birthday cake

Happy 2nd birthday to the blog!!!


Exactly two years ago I unveiled the very first recipe for the blog, Cheeseburger Pie.

And, what an unexpected, crazy wild ride it’s been.

From VIP food events, to publishing cooking articles, to creating featured recipes, to hob-nobbing with world-renown chefs, to working alongside some amazing brands.

I can’t stress enough that, exactly two years ago today:

I didn’t know how to boil pasta…

I had no idea how to cut an avocado..

My meals were usually dialed up from a menu.

Today, my kitchen fridge and pantry are always well-stocked, I actually meal plan for the week, and my kids have said in public (without being bribed) “Mom’s a good cook”.

With over 350 posts written and over 300 recipes cooked, my kitchen is in full swing as I’m desperately trying to honor Mom and emulate what she effortlessly did for others—spreading love through food.

Thank you to all of the loyal fans who have joined my cooking journey, given me tips, cheered me on, celebrated my accomplishments and walked me through the kitchen blunders. But, best of all, shared my blog’s recipes and stories so Mom’s culinary legacy can continue to thrive..


If you haven’t done so already, it’s the last 24-hours to VOTE  for My Judy the Foodie in the Top 25 Foodie Moms 2013 Contest!

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  1. You have created such a great resource for ALL cooks. Congratulations on two years, and here’s to many more!!

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Wow–Congrats! I have learned so much here at My Judy the Foodie! Thank you!

  3. Sharib, happy blog-a-versary!

    You have made quite the journey in the last two years. Good for you!

    I have been where you were at. I was unused to cooking and not quite sure where to start. I have to say that blogs have been a very important part of my journey as well.

    I have taken the time to read what other people have done and how they have done it. I have tried to learn from both their triumphs and their mistakes.

    It is not always a smooth path and I have definitely made my fair share of mistakes as well. I just have to say thank you to people like you who are willing to share your experiences with the rest of us!

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