Three Summer Fruit Salads

fruit saladphoto courtesy of P&G Home Made Simple

Besides grilling and spending as much time in the outdoors, we LOVE taking advantage of all the RIPE and TASTY fruit available during the summer season.

That means that there’s never a week that goes by where a fruit salad isn’t on the table– either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  And, don’t be shy, if you don’t know much about your summer melons, read my article about how to select the ripest fruit for your dish!

And, the best part about fruit salads?  They taste great with very few add-ons.  That’s right my friends….my three fruit salad recipes celebrate fruit’s natural sugars.

So check out my latest article to publish over at P&G Home Made Simple.  The three fruit salad recipes take virtually no time to prepare and each dish tastes refreshingly different from one another.  I promise,  won’t get bored.

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