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I am thrilled to take part in Dole Bananas “Peel the Love Campaign” celebrating the fun, irreverence and universal “belovedness” of bananas (

The program includes everything from delicious new banana recipes, serving, pairing and entertaining tips to special content for Dole’s more than 600,000 Facebook and Twitter followers.  A main highlight to the campaign is the coast-to-coast Peel the Love Food Truck Tour that has visited the D.C./Baltimore area and seven other banana-loving cities this past summer from Memorial Day through Labor Day!

Since August 21st the Dole truck has been in the New York City area dispensing yummy treats and information.  To capitalize on this celebration, I was encouraged to host a Peel the Love Blogger Home Party for 10 people where I not only got to got to purchase tons of bananas but, I also received a Yonanas Machine, Dole glasses, aprons, bags.  Basically, on one summer afternoon I  went bananas.

I hosted the party when my family was in town visiting from Miami.  I mean, who wouldn’t love bananas as much as me than my sister and kids who, according to my kids, live in the “tropics” where they can literally pick bananas from trees.

Everyone was most eager to try the Yonanas machine which makes delicious, creamy, low-cost,healthy frozen banana treats in just minutes.



The dishes we made looked and tasted exactly like soft-serve frozen yogurt. We served our frozen yogurt in our margarita glasses and enjoyed this refreshing treat on one of the hottest afternoons of the summer.




The best part? Our treats were healthy:

  • Bananas are high in potassium, a mineral that helps in the building of muscles and protein synthesis.
  •  Bananas contain all natural energy from three natural sugars: sucrose, fructose and glucose. No other fruit contains more digestible carbohydrates.
  •  Bananas contain NO sodium, fat or cholesterol.

In addition to my kit, I also received a banana-shaped flash drive downloaded with over a dozen DOLE Banana appetizer, salad, entrée, dessert and cocktail recipes created specifically for summer 2013 and the Peel the Love Tour.  We’ve already earmarked that we’re going to make Banana Whoopie Pies with Dulce de Leche as well as frozen Banana Pops.

I must admit, when I was asked to take part in this program, I jumped at the opportunity (also because I’m currently working on my own banana-based promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness month).  I’ve always supported the Dole brand as it’s the top-selling banana in America and the world — in both conventional and organic product categories. The DOLE brand stands for more than 150 years of quality produce — and the world’s largest supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, including bananas. I know Dole strives to grow, produce, harvest, transport and distribute its bananas and other produce in the most environmentally and socially conscious way possible.

My fellow NYC/NJ area readers, summer isn’t over yet.  You must check out the Peel the Love truck stop through 9/5/13.  Click here for locations near you.

And if you go bananas for bananas like we do,  you can enter to win your own Peel the Love party pack for 10 people (Valued at $200)

Peel the Love Party Pack Giveaway

One (1) winner will receive a Dole Peel the Love Party Package ($200 value):

  • $20 in FREE DOLE Banana coupons
  • One Yonanas frozen dessert maker (a $50 value; for info, go to
  • One Dole yellow apron
  • One large yellow serving platter
  • Ten (10) Dole yellow totes (for each guest)
  • Ten (10) Dole yellow margarita glasses (for each guest to sample one or several optional banana cocktails)

How to Enter

To enter to win, simply leave a comment in this post telling me what recipe you’d make with bananas.  That’s it, you’re entered to win!

Additional (Optional) Entries

To up your chances of winning, you can receive up to FIVE ADDITIONAL ENTRIES to win by doing the following (these are optional, not required):

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The Fine Print

Deadline: Friday, September 6th, 2013 at 11:59pm EST.

Winner: A winner will be chosen at random using and announced at the top of this post. The winner will also be notified via email and the My Judy the Foodie fan page on Facebook; if the winner does not respond within 24 hours, another winner will be selected.

DisclaimerI was not compensated to write this post.  Dole Bananas did provide me one Peel the Love Party Kit for purposes of this post.  All opinions expresses in this post are my own (as always).


  1. I’d like to try making fried bananas! The frozen yogurt looks pretty good, too! 🙂

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  4. Love your blog, am 66, diagnosed with colitis 3 years ago, gluten free is difficult, your recipes are great , easily adaptable. Bananas are a staple now for me. In recipes, like banana bread, however they have become my go to food for breakfast, plain or on cereal, frozen plain or with chocolate as a treat, at least two a day for good health, travel with banana and hydration water alway, cut up in yogurt. I am never without my Dole bananas. They are a godsend to gluten free. A perfect meal and no side effects! Thank you Doe and Judy? Would love more creative ways to use my bananas. Only on Facebook, Pinterest, not twitter.

  5. Charlotte Moore says:

    I use lots of bananas in protein shakes. I also just love to eat them.

  6. i would make some strawberry and banana frozen yogurt

  7. Gotta be a banana chocolate fudge frozen yogurt!

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  9. I LOVE making banana bread and just saw a version with chocolate swirled in that looks delicious!

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  19. I’d love to try making chocolate banana frozen soft serve in the Yonanas machine.

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    I want to try banana ice cream!

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  24. Banana-chocolate-bacon yogurt.

  25. Banana/coffee yogurt

  26. I haven’t made it in a while, but I have been craving banana bread.

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  31. Hi Shari, just found you via a FB friend’s “like” of your page. I’m thrilled to find a blog that includes Jewish cooking. My mom also loved to cook…she passed away 4 years ago. I’m not the best cook (she always said “watch me” but I had no interest). When she baked, however, I paid attention. This Rosh Hashana, I am making her Noodle Kugel (similar to the recipe you posted), and her German chocolate cake. I’ve put you on my RSS page, and liked you on FB. I’ve been thinking about the Yonana machine for awhile…I’d make banana and strawberry, banana and chocolate, and maybe banana/mango/avocado!

  32. I would like to try the Whoppie Pie Recipe. Yummy filled cakes would be a great take for lunch treat.

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