Bake it Happen


Our first annual Bananas for Boobies: Bake it Happen Breast Cancer Awareness campaign was so successful that we’ve already starting drafting (and soliciting partners) for an even bigger program in 2014!

We are truly overwhelmed by the level of support we received from all over the country.

What started out as a small idea hatched on the back of a napkin between my sister and me turned into a campaign that, while only restricted to residents of the US, spread to Canada and overseas to the United Kingdom, Mexico City and the Phillippines.  It seemed as though everyone was willing to roll up their sleeves, open their ovens and GO BANANAS to help Bake it Happen.

The campaign would not be successful without a concerted effort from all of you.  Every time a new picture of a Banana Chocolate Chip loaf was uploaded to our Facebook fan page it seemed as though more people got inspired and the baking momentum followed.

The entire month we kept reiterating how this campaign was unique.  We weren’t asking you to climb a mountain or run a marathon or participate in a 3-day walk (I’ve done two out of 3).  In fact, we weren’t even forcing you to sell the loaves or to solicit people for money.  The call to action was simple: BAKE the loaf and share it with the people in your life.  We wanted you to spread a little piece of our mom Judy to your friends, family, neighbors- all in the name of breast cancer awareness and research.

There’s no better feeling than baking for a good cause and for this particular campaign, everyone, at every age, got involved.

People were very clever and managed to share their loaves and spread the love and awareness anywhere possible: hospitals, sporting events, mitzvah projects, Halloween parties, local police precincts, with Starbux baristas, on tv sets, at book launch parties, in sorority houses, on cancer wards…our loaves were handed out everywhere!

Other important numbers that helped to make this campaign a success:

2,036=  number of Bake it Happen Facebook fan page likes received in only 4 weeks!

13 =   number of bloggers who VOLUNTEERED their time and precious blog space to help promote this campaign.  Each time a new post went LIVE, we saw a traffic spike!  If you haven’t checked out their awesome blogs, you should now:

3 = number of email blasts throughout campaign

12= minutes of featured airtime to help promote Bananas for Boobies on XM Satellite Radio 106 (thanks The Moms)

1= awesome website designer who volunteered her time and literally pulled a site together for us in under 2 weeks: you must check out Louise Rexer Smith Marketing!

Thank you again for your support.  We can’t wait to launch the Bake it Happen Campaign for 2014.

Stay tuned…


  1. Congrats Shari! Yum I loved baking that bread- it might make a baker out of me yet! So what was the loaves-baked tally?! I am anxious to hear!

  2. I was so happy to be a part of this!

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