Meatless Appetizers

bushappetizerphoto courtesy of Bush & Company

I feel the holidays lurking around the corner.

Some retail stores are already displaying Christmas trees with tinsel everywhere.  Weren’t they supposed to wait until after Black Friday to bring out the festive holiday baubles?

Wow, so much for living in the moment.

November is the perfect time to test run appetizers to be served for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

Have you ever wracked your brain trying to solve the issue of finding non-greasy, meatless appetizers to serve?  Pigs n’ blankets, fried chicken wings and swedish meatballs are surefire crowd pleasers but, what else?

Look no further.  My article highlighting meatless appetizers for parties just published over at Bush & Company’s Time at the Table.

If you’re searching for quick, hassle-free, healthy appetizer idea generators for your next party, check it out here.


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