Baked Pesto Chicken Cutlets

Baked Pesto Chicken Cutlets

donnaeToday’s guest post is from Donna Sheynfeld, author of The Newlyfed food blog. Donna is a newly-married New York City teacher recently transplanted to Lubbock, Texas for a year. The Newlyfed blog came to fruition during Donna’s quest for healthy eating.  She soon realized that so much of the food in the US is complete junk.  And, since  Lubbock is a fast food and drive thru haven, Donna was committed to paying more attention to what she eats and documenting her journey.

Here’s what Donna has to say:

I have been attempting to become a better food photographer. Who knew there was so much that goes into it? I certainly did not!  One of my best friends, Deanna, who lives in Israel, is a food stylist. While, I am hoping for some great tips and lessons the next time we visit her, in the meantime, I have resorted to teaching myself by reading a food photography book that Deanna recommended and articles that I find on the web. Although, my pictures are still far from professional, I have to say, they have come a long way (don’t you think?).

While perusing an article about lighting in food photography, I came across a picture of a fried chicken cutlet stuffed with a green “mystery” sauce. A mystery because there was no mention of what the sauce was.  But it looked incredible so I decided I needed to try and create my own version using pesto (I figured it had to be some variation of pesto!).  Because I prefer baking to frying I experimented and came up with this Baked Pesto Chicken Cutlet recipe.

My parents happened to be over the day I made this and I invited them to stay for dinner. My dad is very picky about his food, so I was really anxious about serving something that I had never made before.  In the end, I decided there was no better person to critique my dish.  Luckily, the empty plates and enthusiastic comments all around lead me to believe that this dish is worth making.



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