Tomato, Almond Pesto

It's a sad summer for my garden.  What was once a treasure trove of colorful vegetables and herbs in the past has been reduced to a very small lot with only tomatoes, basil and kale. I knew I wasn't going to be around as much this summer tend to the garden so I strategically only bought the produce and herbs I knew I'd be using! Whether you've got a garden that's big or small, there’s no better feeling than to be able to pick fresh from your garden and then to use your yield in a recipe.  Thank god I wised up and learned a few year's ago … [Read more...]

Pesto Cauliflower and Carrot Soup

We're thrilled to have our resident soup expert, Seriously Soupy (aka Serena), reveal her latest original soup recipe: Pesto Cauliflower Carrot Soup. With Serena's help over the past few years, we've come to learn that there's nothing you can't do with soup!  With some creativity and very few ingredients, you can make the most wonderful tasting recipes at very little cost.  Serena herself has recipe-tested and penned a catalog of over 100 soups and has taught soup classes and given tours.  So, if anyone knows soup, it's Serena! Here's … [Read more...]

Tomato Almond Pesto

 We often grill sirloin steaks for dinner. When I don't have the ingredients to make  Mom’s Mystery Marinade we use on our flank steaks, I've started making a new favorite  pesto variation as our replacement topping.I always have plenty of containers of slivered almonds in my pantry(for Mom’s Mango Chutney Chicken Salad and her awesome Venezuelan Cole Slaw) so I decided to add them to the original basil pesto recipe, in addition to some plum tomatoes.Tomatoes sliced and readyThe tomatoes and almonds add a subtle fruity flavor and slight … [Read more...]

Baked Pesto Chicken Cutlets

Today's guest post is from Donna Sheynfeld, author of The Newlyfed food blog. Donna is a newly-married New York City teacher recently transplanted to Lubbock, Texas for a year. The Newlyfed blog came to fruition during Donna's quest for healthy eating.  She soon realized that so much of the food in the US is complete junk.  And, since  Lubbock is a fast food and drive thru haven, Donna was committed to paying more attention to what she eats and documenting her journey. Here's what Donna has to say: I have been attempting to become a … [Read more...]