Easy Chicken Parmesan

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Back-to-school means back-to-craziness.

Getting into a routine is always a family goal but, with my children going in different directions after the school day dismisses, often the idea of a home-cooked dinner can be the first to fall by the wayside.

I’ve been committed to having one set dinnertime for everyone, regardless of which sports are being played where or who has more homework to get started. Also, I’m determined not to be a short-order cook. Translated, this means one meal for everyone- like it or leave it.

So, I’m apt to cook dishes that are universally appealing. While I do yearn for my children to have very adventurous palates, I’m also determined to get them fed and nourished after a long day.

Our family-favorite dish, one in which everyone will undoubtedly ask for seconds but also, one that requires little prep and cook time, is Chicken Parmesan.

For a long time, Chicken Parmesan seemed totally out of my league as a burgeoning cook. Perhaps I was fraught with images of the critically acclaimed Chicken Parm dishes served at many of the local New York City restaurants– just a stone’s throw from our apartment. It wasn’t until I was totally in a bind one day that I surveyed what I had on hand in my fridge and realized that in fact, I could attempt bake Chicken Parm in my own kitchen, without a hefty price tag.

If you’re not a vegetarian, chances are you should have all of the simple main ingredients for this dish in your stocked fridge and pantry- chicken breasts/chicken cutlets, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, eggs, breadcrumbs and Prego® Traditional Italian Sauces.

pregotomato sauce to coat pan and chicken breasts
 chickparmingredientsgrated Parmesan and Italian breadcrumbs
pregopourbottom of baking pan generously coated with tomato sauce
tomatosaucepanready for the chicken breast

The breaded, fried chicken smothered with zesty tomato sauce and oozing hot cheese is the perfect combination for a hearty meal.

chickenpreovenpre-baked cutlets

And, feel free to make substitutions to the recipe. You don’t have to use breaded chicken if you’re trying to save even more prep time or trying to cut out some carbs.

Bottom line, this dish is the perfect comfort food and it’s impossible to mess up.

It’s ideal for an enjoyable mealtime around the table. And, guess what? It’s just as good for leftovers too.



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