Passover: Apple Matzoh Kugel

While Kugel has been a staple of Jewish cooking for centuries, this is only my second time baking Mom’s kugel recipe (definitely check out  Mom’s Noodle Pudding).

Served hot or cold- as a side, or, for the sweeter versions, as a dessert-most people characterize kugel as a type of casserole or pudding made from egg noodles or potatoes.  However, for Passover Mom I used matzoh for the main substitute.

I know you’re probably thinking there’s no way a bland, hard, cracker-like piece of matzoh could ever replace the smooth soft texture and flavor of egg noodles.  But, surprisingly, it does!  With Mom’s Kugel recipe, the matzoh sheets are steeped in water and soaked until they become completely softened.

Wet Matzoh draining water

Then they’re mashed together to wring out any leftover water.  When the wet, ultra soggy matzoh mush is combined with a batter made from eggs, sugar, oil,  cinnamon, apples and raisins, the mixture starts to resemble a paper mache experiment gone bad.

Matzoh with batter and fruits

Don’t fret, once in the oven baking, the sweet aromas wafting from the apples and cinnamon and raisins will alleviate any previous fears that this dish wouldn’t taste any better than baked cardboard.

It’s warm and moist and flavorful and very filling and best served as a side to any meat main course!


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