Fall Harvest Recipes

What do you do when you get back home from an afternoon of apple picking , open the doors to your apartment (or house) and realize that between the pounds of apples picked and sheer girth of the pumpkins you've purchased, you’ve got no counter space left in your kitchen? Sure, you get a rush when you’re actually selecting and picking the apples in the beautifully vast orchard  blanketed with crystal blue skies. However, when you’ve got the filled bags sitting in your kitchen, it’s a little overwhelming. Hoping to put a serious dent in my … [Read more...]

Apple Clafoutis

When I first started sorting through Mom’s recipes, I circled all of the words that (at the time) were completely meaningless to me.  Among them: parboiled, pin prick, blanched and CLAFOUTIS. Almost two years later, I’ve since parboiled, pin pricked, blanched and just yesterday, made my first clafoutis!  How exciting. In my kitchen-clueless mind, Clafloutis sounded more like some sort of tree fungus rather than a celebrated baked custard French dessert.  Apparently, a traditional clafoutis contains cherries arranged in a buttered dish … [Read more...]

Secret Recipe Club: Spiced Apple Bread

  Yay!  It’s my favorite day of the month, I get to reveal my Secret Recipe Club assignment for November. I’m honored to be a part of this diverse international group of food bloggers.  In case you forgot, everyone in the Secret Recipe Club gets “assigned” a blog from which we are supposed to pick a dish to cook.  But, it’s all done in secrecy.  It isn’t until the ultimate reveal day (today) that everyone showcases their dishes and discovers who’s been their secret foodie link.  This club has provided me valuable exposure to blogs I … [Read more...]