Valentine’s Sweetheart Bark

Sweetheart Bark is the ideal candy for anyone who has experienced the gamut of emotions on Valentine's Day. Maybe your most intense memories date all the way back to grade school when you exchanged those cheesy VDay cards in those makeshift paper bag mailboxes. Or, maybe it was a Valentine's Day you spent broken-hearted, alone, cursing the Hallmark holiday. Or, perhaps it was a Valentine's Day with your loved one, in a romantic place, sharing an unforgettable moment. Or, maybe your most meaningful Valentine's Day has been as a … [Read more...]

The Perfect Halloween Treat

photo credit: Claire Abenante Two days left to bake for good. Celebrate Halloween and Bake it Happen with us. Go to to receive Judy's celebrated Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf recipe. 1. BAKE it 2. SHARE it 3. SEND your pictures to (or upload it to Facebook Page @Bake it Happen) 4. $$$$$ will get DONATED to the Breast Cancer Research Association of America! Now, that's certainly the SWEETEST TREAT of ALL.   … [Read more...]