The Perfect Halloween Treat

photo credit: Claire Abenante Two days left to bake for good. Celebrate Halloween and Bake it Happen with us. Go to to receive Judy's celebrated Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf recipe. 1. BAKE it 2. SHARE it 3. SEND your pictures to (or upload it to Facebook Page @Bake it Happen) 4. $$$$$ will get DONATED to the Breast Cancer Research Association of America! Now, that's certainly the SWEETEST TREAT of ALL.   … [Read more...]

Spooktacular Halloween Candy Giveaway

What kid doesn’t love Halloween? For me, besides being able to stay up late and dress up in a costume, as a kid I was fixated on retrieving as much candy as possible from my trick-or-treat trail.  I loved the after trick or treat candy categorization and trading session with my older brother and sister.  Things always seemed to work out for everyone since each of us exhibited different candy cravings. Halloween was always that one night of the year Mom ignored the fact that we’d ingest more than 10x the normal amount of candy eaten in a … [Read more...]

Boo Hoo! A City Kids’ Halloween

Even though I’ve been living in Manhattan for twenty years, there are still many aspects of city living to which I haven’t grown accustom.  Most importantly, Halloween, served up city style. My kids have no idea what they’re missing as they’ve only lived in our concrete jungle.  So, when they pass this trick-or-treat sign up in our building foyer every year, they get so excited and revved up for the big day.  I, however, look the other way and cringe. I’m the one who longs for a suburban Halloween.  My kids are just fine. The … [Read more...]