Slow Cooker Giveaway!

Back by popular demand....   It's getting quite cold here on the east coast so it's the perfect time to get hunkered down and cook some slow cooked meals to comfort you and keep you warm. I bought my very  first slow cooker last year. Gone are those stressful nights trying to figure out a last minute dinner plan for my cranky, hungry kids. My slow cooker has certainly lived up to its motto: "cooks while the cook's away."  Honestly, it's just so easy to use.  Simply dump your food in the porcelain pot in the morning and, when … [Read more...]

Turkey Meatloaf

The days are getting cooler, turning darker earlier, and my kids are demanding more substantial meals. Gone are the days of summer where a simple barbequed fish and some steamed veggies would satisfy their appetites. It seems as though we're moving into crock pot territory: home-cooked, hearty meals of meat and potatoes and pasta. I figured I'd make Mom's Turkey Meatloaf this evening since my daughter came home sick from school and needed some comfort food to help nourish and mend. Where as mom would've gone for the bowl of hot … [Read more...]

Crock Pot Giveaway!

Now that summer is over and schools have started, fall is in the air and it's time to get your crock on! It was only last year that I bought my first crock pot and my culinary life has forever been changed.  Gone are those stressful nights of trying to figure out a last minute dinner plan for my cranky, hungry kids. The crock certainly lives up to it's motto: "cooks while the cook's away." There's no excuse.  Using a crock pot is too easy.  Dump your food in the morning and when you get home at night, your meal is ready to be … [Read more...]

Slow Cooking – Beef Tips

"Slow Down, You Move to Fast" Simon and Garfunkel - "Feelin' Groovy" In an interview last week for, when asked my favorite cooking gadget, I proudly mentioned my new slow cooker. my new favorite kitchen toy Isn’t it ironic? I have absolutely no recollection of Mom ever using a slow cooker.  She has no slow cooker recipes in her vast collection. Every one of her meals was hand-cooked on the spot and either served immediately or frozen for future use.   For someone who always worked, sometimes even two jobs at a time, how … [Read more...]