Turkey Meatloaf

The days are getting cooler, turning darker earlier, and my kids are demanding more substantial meals.

Gone are the days of summer where a simple barbequed fish and some steamed veggies would satisfy their appetites.

It seems as though we’re moving into crock pot territory: home-cooked, hearty meals of meat and potatoes and pasta.

I figured I’d make Mom’s Turkey Meatloaf this evening since my daughter came home sick from school and needed some comfort food to help nourish and mend.

Where as mom would’ve gone for the bowl of hot chicken soup with saltine crackers to feed a soul, I opted for a nice and light ground turkey meatloaf requiring very few ingredients.

Bread crumbs, ground turkey and and egg are all you need  to throw together this dish.  I added some fresh apple sauce and steamed edamamme on the side to complete the meal.

Douse some ketchup on top of your finished product and you’ve got one tasty dinner.



  1. Wow!!! lovely. Sounds very tasty. Have to give this a try.

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