Demystifying the term “homemade”

Last week in my "Natural with Nutella" post, I was so giddy.  I made three different homemade dairy-free versions of Nutella!  I was convinced, even before embarking on the project, that no matter what, my version would be healthier than the purchased jar.  Why?  Well, because I was making it in my home.  Isn't that automatically healthier? Don't laugh.  For someone like me, who's still very much fumbling around the kitchen like Frankenstein, knowing some of the ingredients in a recipe has been enough to claim something … [Read more...]

Going Natural with Homemade Nutella

Last Spring we took a family trip to Paris.  Besides falling in love with the splendor and beauty that often defines the city of lights, my daughter also fell in love with Nutella.  Wherever we went, she’d seek out a creperie or a crepe cart on the street to order up a hot crepe, overflowing with Nutella – sometimes bananas and strawberries were mixed in too. Although Nutella tastes very chocolate-y and looks like chocolate, it’s not chocolate!  It’s actually a hazelnut spread.  I couldn’t wait to support her seemingly healthy Nutella habit … [Read more...]