Apple Butter

Before we turn into all things pumpkin for October, we have to give apples their spotlight.  Many people are starting to take advantage of the fall harvest, venturing to the apple orchards for apple picking.  However, what should we do with all those bushels of apples?  We can't let them go to waste because, there are at least 34 science-backed health benefits of apples. Make Apple Butter! This recipe for homemade apple butter only requires a slow cooker.  It'll yield enough butter to freeze for months and has been a family favorite for … [Read more...]

Tomato, Almond Pesto

It's a sad summer for my garden.  What was once a treasure trove of colorful vegetables and herbs in the past has been reduced to a very small lot with only tomatoes, basil and kale. I knew I wasn't going to be around as much this summer tend to the garden so I strategically only bought the produce and herbs I knew I'd be using! Whether you've got a garden that's big or small, there’s no better feeling than to be able to pick fresh from your garden and then to use your yield in a recipe.  Thank god I wised up and learned a few year's ago … [Read more...]

Summer Fruit Dips

I'm amazed that some of my friends have kids who have already gone back to school. To me, summer is finally in full bloom.  Due to the harsh winter, none of our flowers even showed signs of budding until the end of July.  The corn stalks are finally as high as high as an elephants' eye.  The farmer's stands are BURSTING with a plethora of colorful fruits and veggies that it's hard not to stop and simply take in their visual beauty and splendor. From August through Labor Day, my kitchen is usually stocked with  fresh fruits and vegetables  so … [Read more...]

Making Jam: It’s Time

Today's guest post comes from Jennie Burke. Jennie is a freelance writer, homemaker, wife and mother from Annapolis, MD. She's interested in real food and its role in human development. She also runs a fund that supports low-income young adults facing cancer. She loves being with friends and family, travel, enjoying the outdoors and eating! Knowing that Jennie is an avid canner and jam maker, I asked her to demystify the process.  While I've made jam myself, it took me years to get up the courage to actually do it.  It's a lot easier than it … [Read more...]