Wake Up Call: Life is for the Living

This week I had to travel to my hometown unexpectedly to help my father recover from some complex back surgery. I cherish the feeling of being needed and being able to help.  I am the baby of the family and I was always babied growing up. However, at this point in my life, the tables have turned; my roles seem to have morphed into taking care of my children as well as my parent(s) whenever I can. Selfishly, I do not enjoy going home and staying in my old house without Mom being there - it's merely a hollow shell of a home that was … [Read more...]

October in Pink

 In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to continue celebrating the many fruitful bounties of the fall harvest (APPLES), I’m delighted to offer a guest post today by another heralded breast cancer ambassador, Jennie.  Through My Judy the Foodie, Jennie and I learned that we have a bond that will last forever. We both are daughters of mothers with breast cancer. Although, Jennie is luckier than me. Her mother is a survivor.  Today Jennie reveals to us her mother’s celebrated version of the Apple Crisp. In addition to breaking … [Read more...]