Baked Apples

After the long week that we've all endured, I decided I'd put my slow cooker to overuse. I honestly could not muster the energy or concentration to cook anything. I wanted to churn out meals that required as little prep and focus as possible. So, my slow cooker resumed its fixed place on my counter top and I started my week of slow cookery with Baked Apples. I specifically remember Mom making baked apples often during those cool fall days. However, she baked them in a beaten up cake pan in our oven, not in the porcelain pot of an electric … [Read more...]

Baked Apple Chips

We're going on our third day hunkered down inside our apartment due to the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. Luckily we're now on the other side of the storm, unscathed.  Schools are closed again tomorrow. With all of this unexpected togetherness, besides getting on esch others' nerves and watchin the round the clock storm coverage on the news, we've been baking and eating up our own storm. We made 36 gorgeous Black Bottom Cupcakes for the school Halloween Bakesale that too has been pre empted by the hurricane.  We baked an additional two dozen … [Read more...]

October in Pink

 In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to continue celebrating the many fruitful bounties of the fall harvest (APPLES), I’m delighted to offer a guest post today by another heralded breast cancer ambassador, Jennie.  Through My Judy the Foodie, Jennie and I learned that we have a bond that will last forever. We both are daughters of mothers with breast cancer. Although, Jennie is luckier than me. Her mother is a survivor.  Today Jennie reveals to us her mother’s celebrated version of the Apple Crisp. In addition to breaking … [Read more...]

Reaping the Benefits of the Fall Apple Harvest

It finally feels like fall.  There’s a subtle chill in the air, shorts and t-shirts have been traded in for pants and long-sleeves, and U-PICK signs are dotted alongside many of the farms throughout the small towns of Long Island.   This year, apple picking took on a different meaning for me.  In addition to creating a wonderful family activity and an effortless science lesson, I was also searching for those perfect ripe apples to help recreate some of Mom’s recipes from her collection.  I’ve definitely got food on the brain. Like any city folk … [Read more...]