Potato Salad

It was hot enough yesterday to feel as if it were mid-July, save the terrible pollen count. Walking around in the concrete jungle is the least desirable place with rising temperatures. I longed for my own backyard, fresh cut grass, a fired up grill and a cool breeze. Instead, I was sweaty, stuck in the stale air, surrounded by high rises. To cool me off, I decided to recreate a favorite dish when I got home. I wanted to channel my inner summer. For my family, potato salad … [Read more...]

Blue Potato Salad

  It’s hard being the consummate hostess because inevitably a lot of meal prep and clean up ensues.   While I have built up the confidence to cook for people and I do enjoy feeding my family and friends, it’s so refreshing when a house guest comes to visit and requests to cook a yummy dish. What’s better than that? I have family visiting me this weekend and I carefully planned out each meal, primarily because I didn’t want to spend any time running out to the grocery store.  I stocked up ahead of time and did a little prep/marinade work … [Read more...]