Cole Slaw with Grapes and Almonds

Lucky for me, my two go to Cole Slaw recipes have never yielded any left overs.   While Mom's Venezuelan Cole Slaw is appreciated for its lack of  traditional creamy mayonnaise, this particular slaw recipe gets credit for its freshly chilled grapes and almonds. It's ideal as a summer side. It's a flavorful trifecta with the sweetness from the grapes,, the crunch of the almonds and the bitterness of the cabbage. You can also replace the sugar with honey and use red onions Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Blue Potato Salad

  It’s hard being the consummate hostess because inevitably a lot of meal prep and clean up ensues.   While I have built up the confidence to cook for people and I do enjoy feeding my family and friends, it’s so refreshing when a house guest comes to visit and requests to cook a yummy dish. What’s better than that? I have family visiting me this weekend and I carefully planned out each meal, primarily because I didn’t want to spend any time running out to the grocery store.  I stocked up ahead of time and did a little prep/marinade work … [Read more...]