Black Bean Power Salad

In two short weeks both of my kids will fly the coop and nestle themselves in the backwoods of Main for 7 weeks of sleepaway camp. Lucky for me, I still do love my husband and I still cherish our time together.  I'm looking to these next few weeks as an opportunity to share quality time and experiences and conversation that are otherwise robbed from us when we're in the throws of parenthood.  Additionally, I'm looking forward to  some no bake recipes, and others that I know for certain, one or both of my kids might not eat. For a simple … [Read more...]

Blueberry and Cucumber Salad

  It’s high season for freshly-picked blueberries which runs from mid-June to mid-August.  When I shop for blueberries at the local farmer's market, I search for  firm, plump dry berries with smooth skins with a silvery sheen.  I also always refrigerated the blueberries as soon as I get them, transferring them from their tight containers to a covered bowl where they have room to breath, and not grow mold. Blueberries always have a reserved spot on our refrigerator shelf because, in addition to their sweet delectable flavor and … [Read more...]