Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding

Today I wish I could curl up with my mom in bed, close my eyes and just breathe, calmly. However, I'll settle for the next best thing: making a big vat of Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding to nourish and comfort my soul. For a dish that tastes so decadent and creamy, it’s hard to believe how easy Rice Pudding is to make.  Using staple ingredients that can be found in any stocked pantry and refrigerator, you don’t need any culinary skills to whip up the best batch of pudding.  Honestly, this recipe only requires stirring the rice on the stove top … [Read more...]

Introducing Luckybars™ – Protein Bars for Kids

It’s safe to say that MOTHERS are the best experts about their own kids! Mothers are on the front lines, constantly dealing with real-time challenges requiring quick fixes. Sometimes the best kid-focused products in the marketplace are those that were born from mothers simply having an “aha” moment while watching their kids. Luckybar™, the recently-launched protein bar for kids, was actually founded by a mom (Jamie), and crafted by a doctor! Picture yourself on an airplane with two very hungry children. One child is an adventurous … [Read more...]