Asian Chicken Pasta

Asian Chicken Pastapicture shown without broccoli

This past week I’ve been in a major time crunch as we were hosting a BIG EVENT.  So, the first thing that fell by the wayside was our dinners.  I just didn’t have the energy or time to deal. I was desperate for a dish that I could make quickly and leave for the kids and a sitter for when they got home.

While I’d admitted that I’m not a huge fan of serving pasta for dinner (because I have my suspicions that at least one of my kids might default to pasta for school lunch every day) this Asian Chicken Pasta dish is quite tasty, very easy and definitely filling.

The bold ginger and soy flavors make it reminiscent of Pad Thai dish and, although it uses some salad dressing, it tastes like it comes out of a five star restaurant.

So, whether you’re in a bind or not, this is a MUST TRY!




  1. Looks yummy. Very inviting.

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