Italian Baked Flounder


When it comes to fish, my family’s palates run the gamut.

My husband only eats certain fish.

My son will try most and my daughter won’t try any.

So, usually, I’m never serving fish at home for dinner.

Until last night…

I had a rare opening with one kid home for dinner!  Of course I took advantage.

I’ve always been reluctant to cook fish at home for many reasons, the main one being a smelly in the kitchen that lingers for days.  However, I began using pleasing pungent whole spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves and citrus peels to combat the odor.  Simply let them simmer in water on the stove so they act as  all-natural air freshener*.

Once you’ve selected your fish, cooking it is the easy part.  My son and I like light and flaky versus meaty fish so I decided to go with a very simple recipe for  flounder fillets.

flounderpreovenready for the oven

Simply take the fillets and bake them in the oven with some spices, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon and butter, salt and pepper (the amounts can be manipulated to your liking).  That’s all I needed to create a wonderfully flavorful, healthy dish!



* Another successful method to reduce fish odor is to leave a bowl of vinegar, baking soda or coffee grounds on the counter overnight.


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