Flounder in Lemon Butter Sauce


Back to reality.

Back to schedules.

Back to meal planning.

I took a nice long-two week vacation from making dinners 4-5 nights a week and it was wonderful. Not having to worry about meal planning on a tight weeknight schedule was such a stress relief. However, no sooner did I unpack our bags that I felt the pressure seep back in.

I figured I’d ease myself into the dinnertime routine.

Last night, I made one of Mom’s simplest recipes: Flounder in Lemon Butter. I knew my daughter wouldn’t be home for dinner so that gave me the latitude to delve into a fish dish for my son. Plus, we were just a table of two for dinner, which is so easy when you’re purchasing individual fillets of fish.

There are no curve balls here my friends. The Flounder in Lemon Butter recipe is exactly that: a flounder fillet with melted lemon and butter sauce on top. Then, you simply stick it in your oven and let it bake for 25-30 minutes. The dish was light and tasty and paired perfectly with our favorite kale salad. I purchased two local fillets from the market. They’re on the cheaper end so you won’t be breaking the bank like you would for tuna fillets.

Feel free to get experimental with the toppings. While I only used lemon and butter, some parmesan cheese, garlic, capers, etc… would render a wonderfully tasty fillet as well.






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