Homemade Challah in a Bag

  Maybe it's because my kids are on spring break that this recipe for homemade Challah piqued my interest. Seriously.  Can one make homemade Challah in a bag?  It's the lazy person's way to make Challah and I LOVE IT. I admit, I was dubious when we initially watched the video but, I set out with my son to try to recreate this science experiment, ahem, homemade Challah recipe. Yes, we might have been using outdated yeast and, yes we only watched the video and followed the written directions on the screen.  I would recommend watching … [Read more...]

Apple Cider Challah

It’s the Jewish New Year.  A time of the year when Mom could be found cooking up some of her favorite holiday delicacies: from brisket to tzimmes to noodle kugels.  I miss watching  her in the kitchen, keeping it bustling with activity and full of sweet comforting smells. Now her kitchen is sterile and cold, devoid of use and love. This year I committed myself to bake my first-ever challah with my daughter.  I have so many fond memories of Mom making unusual breads; watching her carefully place the dough in our dark, hot, creepy furnace … [Read more...]