Summer Fruit Dips

I'm amazed that some of my friends have kids who have already gone back to school. To me, summer is finally in full bloom.  Due to the harsh winter, none of our flowers even showed signs of budding until the end of July.  The corn stalks are finally as high as high as an elephants' eye.  The farmer's stands are BURSTING with a plethora of colorful fruits and veggies that it's hard not to stop and simply take in their visual beauty and splendor. From August through Labor Day, my kitchen is usually stocked with  fresh fruits and vegetables  so … [Read more...]

Three Fruit Dips

There's nothing better during the summertime than freshly picked fruit - especially all of the seasonal melons readily available at the local farm stands. Fruit is always enjoyed in my home: baked in homemade pies, boiled down to jams, sliced and sprinkled over top our cereal, grilled, steeped in sangria.  You name it, we try to integrate it wherever. But, it's time to give fruit the spot light it deserves.  Instead of adding fruit to other dishes, let's focus on the fruit itself. My latest article at P&G Home Made Simple features … [Read more...]