Pasta Pilaf-Stuffed Squash

While you're planning out your festive meal, don't forget about the side dishes that are even more important than the turkey--- especially if you have vegetarians at your table. If you want to take your Thanksgiving to the next level, check out this recipe that makes a festive addition to any side table. Your guests will be begging for leftovers. Save Print Pasta Pilaf-Stuffed Squash Author: adapted from Recipe type: Side Dish Prep time:  12 mins Cook time:  45 mins Total time:  57 mins … [Read more...]

A Health(ier) #Thanksgiving

As you begin to plan and prepare for your holiday meals this year, I always consult the helpful tips from the Environmental Working Group. With so much confusing information on food labels these days, we could all use some help navigating our way through the grocery store. From cranberry sauce to dessert, EWG’s Food Scores database can help you make healthier, greener choices for you and your family this Thanksgiving. Are you concerned about pesticides on fruits and veggies? You can EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce to avoid … [Read more...]

Holiday Meal Prep, and a Sweet & Sour Brisket

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve been preparing for tonight’s holiday dinner since Sunday.  With all of the thought, shopping and kitchen labor involved, you’d think I’d be feeding at least twenty people. Nope. I’m only having my family (2 adults; 2 kids) and my brother.  Once an overachiever, always an overachiever.  I was that kid in high school who always over-studied for tests and never waited until the last minute—cramming was never part of my vernacular. When I decided I was going to venture out of my comfort zone (again) … [Read more...]