Slow Cooked Drunken Meatballs

The other day I got an email for a “Drunken” Meatball recipe that not only peaked my interest, but it had me rushing out the door to the nearest market to buy some pre-cooked cocktail meatballs. The operative words here are “slow cooked” and “pre-cooked” which, translated, means hassle-free in the kitchen. With the busy holiday season upon us, perhaps the last thing you want to do is spend more time in the kitchen cooking.  If you're having friends over and in need of something to serve—Slow Cooked Drunken Meatballs fit the bill.  They're … [Read more...]

Holiday #Giveaway: Hatchery Tasting Boxes

I’ve reviewed many artisanal food box subscription companies on this site over the past few years.   Hatchery still remains at the top of my list. What sets this company apart from its fierce competition? Hatchery is about PEOPLE. The Hatchery team spends a lot of time traveling the country in pursuit of discovering and hand-selecting some of the nation’s most unique and flavorful creations. By providing assistance through their expansive member reach, technology, and resources, Hatchery can then enable small-batch makers to reach … [Read more...]

#Holiday: Re(Gift) versus Homemade

It’s holiday time.  Everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Work parties. School parties. Teacher gifts. Holiday cards. Secret Santas. Eight Days of Hanukkah. New Year’s. No one can deny: gift giving is synonymous with the month of December. And, let’s face it, if you don’t make lists, if you don’t plan ahead, someone is bound to inadvertently get left out.  CYBER MONDAY has already passed us by. A common side effect to lack of planning?  Re-gifting. Come on.  Don’t you have that drawer somewhere in … [Read more...]