Scottish Shortbread Cookies

I adore the delicate, buttery taste of shortbread cookies. My favorites are the Royal Shortbread cookies which are handsomely dipped in milk chocolate on one end.  Up until a few years ago, I had never bothered to bake any version.  Sadly, I had only purchased them in stores around holiday time. For me, it had always been easier to pick up a beautifully-wrapped tin full of these treats, only to hand them over as a holiday gift for my kids' teachers. Cornucopia of holiday cookie tins So, what got me out of my 30 year baking hibernation this … [Read more...]

Holiday #Giveaway: Hatchery Tasting Boxes

I’ve reviewed many artisanal food box subscription companies on this site over the past few years.   Hatchery still remains at the top of my list. What sets this company apart from its fierce competition? Hatchery is about PEOPLE. The Hatchery team spends a lot of time traveling the country in pursuit of discovering and hand-selecting some of the nation’s most unique and flavorful creations. By providing assistance through their expansive member reach, technology, and resources, Hatchery can then enable small-batch makers to reach … [Read more...]