How to Make Grilled Kale – Video

  I'm learning most of the roadblocks I created in the kitchen were mental roadblocks.  I simply didn't have the confidence to try. With a little confidence (and patience) I'm not only cooking, but, I've moved away from my comfort zone of spaghetti and red sauce and I've ventured deep into unknown food territory. For me, it's been a complete thrill to cook with new foods that taste great and are easy to make! This summer, my biggest "Aha moment" was my discovery of kale.  And now, my entire family has adopted a new favorite … [Read more...]

Kale and Green Bean Salad

Our new veggie discovery this year was KALE!  It took about 5 tries and now both of my kids love kale.  Of course, the first time I served it to them was as a chip, baked in the oven with a little bit of olive oil, sea salt and parmesan cheese.  Now that they’re convinced they like kale, I feel like I’ve got full reign to try more dishes on them. And, we’re growing three different kale plants in our garden too so I had to find more uses for this leafy green. Since it’s been so hot, I figured I’d try to make a cold kale salad using our … [Read more...]

Kale Dip with Carrots

We started making homemade kale chips just a few weeks ago and already my kids have asked if there's anything else we can "do" with this new favorite veggie.  I thought I was hearing them incorrectly at first.  Never have they requested a vegetable-based dish.  And, I certainly didn't want my small window of opportunity to pass before I got a chance to create something new. Last week I leaf-eared a very easy (and healthy) recipe for Kale Dip with Snap Peas in the April issue of Whole Living Magazine.  It appealed to me because it's quite … [Read more...]

Homemade Crispy Kale Chips

If you peruse any list of food trends from 2011, kale usually tops them all.  Once a cute plate garnish, now it's a superfood and all the rage. Why? Well probably because it is one of the healthiest vegetables around, containing more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other food.  It's also been linked to have anti-inflammatory health benefits, cancer prevention benefits and plays a lead role in detoxification, among others. And, the best part?  It's darn tasty whether steamed or baked. Baked Crispy Kale Chips … [Read more...]