Red and White Quinoa with Grapes

This week I received a review copy of a cookbook called Celebrate: Food, Family, Shabbos  by Elizabeth Kurtz (author of and columnist of the Jerusalem Post), which features easy to follow recipes with amazing photos and helpful hints for any home cook. What makes it unique is that it features over 120 recipes that can also be used for Passover and then there are others that are labeled "Perfect for Passover as-is." It's a relief to find a cookbook with richly-illustrated recipes that are easy enough for every … [Read more...]

Quinoa, Grape and Toasted Almond Salad

If you've been following this blog, you've obviously figured out that we’re on a quinoa kick in my family. I’ve already spoken about some of the health benefits to this super grain. And, I’ve most recently shared our latest Quinoa recipe fave: Cheesy Veggie Quinoa. The best part about our new whole grain discovery? My kids actually ask for it.  Totally unsolicited. Last night each person in the family chose a new ingredient to add to our quinoa base.  The final result was a salad that was light and simple yet bursting with crunch … [Read more...]