Slow Cooker Jambalaya

For Super Bowl I decided to create a stew based dish that capitalizes on the traditional spices and flavor from the creole cooking of Louisiana- Jambalaya. And, of course, I'd be using my slow cooker so I could watch every last minute of the game and not be tied to the kitchen. I found a recipe for Slow Cooker Jambalaya that seemed perfect for the evening and I immediately set out on a mission to purchase one of the key ingredients: shrimp.  Quite by surprise, as I reviewed the hassle-free recipe, I had all the other ingredients in house in … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Giveaway!

Back by popular demand....   It's getting quite cold here on the east coast so it's the perfect time to get hunkered down and cook some slow cooked meals to comfort you and keep you warm. I bought my very  first slow cooker last year. Gone are those stressful nights trying to figure out a last minute dinner plan for my cranky, hungry kids. My slow cooker has certainly lived up to its motto: "cooks while the cook's away."  Honestly, it's just so easy to use.  Simply dump your food in the porcelain pot in the morning and, when … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Beef Tips

  My kids know how extremely lucky we are. Three days later, we're still incredulous as  we watch footage of the mass devastation from Hurricane Sandy in towns not far from here. Just a few block south we have many friends and neighbors still without power, evacuated from buildings, suffering major loss from the floods. While most of the stores are  beginning to resume their natural course of business, many are still functioning on skeleton hours with shoe string staff.  Even though we know we were spared, nothing seems … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Black Bean Beef Chili

I might sound like a broken record but I don’t care: Slow cooked meals are so easy and stress free.  My crock pot is the best investment I’ve made for my kitchen since I started my culinary journey (and you can purchase yours here)!! I must admit, it is challenging to change up meal selections every night for dinner to keep it interesting for my kids.  And, when you have a finicky eater, it seems torturous.  This week the slow cooker has been working non-stop.  And, every completed dish has been fresh and tasty.  Lucky for me, the slow … [Read more...]