10 Recipes for Your Memorial Day Menu

Ready to serve Picnic food buffet

Fire up the grill this weekend and kick-off summer with a smorgasbord of items which will quench your thirst and satiate your hunger.

From sangria to salad to burgers, we’ve curated our summer favorites from the past four years of My Judy the Foodie.

So, tighten your apron, get your spatulas ready, and bring on the FOOD (and drink):


White Wine Sangria

This sangria only takes about 5 minutes to make and it tastes so refreshing (I let it sit overnight in the fridge).  People will be impressed that you’re not just serving wine but, that you went the extra mile to create a special punch.  The fruit selection is up to you.  With white wine I like to add light fruits like: pears, Gala apples, and peaches.  For red wine sangria you can add oranges, pomegranate seeds and blackberries.  Also, for more a more alcoholic “punch,” add 1 cup of brandy and 1/2 cup triple sec…

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Homemade Guacamole

I can’t post this video enough.  My life was forever changed when I realized I could make guacamole at home that tasted just as good, if not better, than the overpriced farm stand guacamole.  This is a crowd pleaser every time it’s made (which is about every weekend).

Chilled Corn and Crab Meat Salad

Surprise your guests and add some crab meat to the ubiquitous corn salad.  I’m from Maryland so, any chance I can get to add in some fresh lump crab meat, I DO.  This salad can be served as a main course and tastes delicious when chilled for an hour or two before serving.

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Kale Salad with Toasted Almonds and Dates

By far our most popular salad!  From the crunch of the kale and toasted almonds to the sweetness of the dates and the tangy dressing, you’ll want to serve this EVERY weekend.  We use brown rice but, white rice will taste just a good.

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Grilled Shrimp and Soba Noodles

We love grilling the shrimp and then adding them to the flavorful noodle base.  The sauce is the secret weapon but, if you don’t like peanut butter (or if you are entertaining any guests with peanut allergies) you should steer clear.

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Grilled Flank Steak with Marinade

The ultimate homage to my mother, this Grilled Flank Steak is one of the original My Judy the Foodie recipes.  The marinade is so good, we make 10x as much as we need, package it in Ball jars to freeze and use them all summer (and year long). We love this steak fresh from the grill or even cold, as left overs.

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Grilled Kale Salad with Ricotta and Plums

I know kale seems like it has jumped the shark since even McDonald’s is now incorporating it into its menu.  But, this salad is so light and refreshing, it’s the perfect compliment to a grill of meat. The combination of the ricotta with the plums adds a welcomed sweetness.  And, it’s super easy to make for a party.

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Grilled Turkey Burgers

A nice alternative to your ground chuck.  These burgers have a little kick to them with the addition of the onion soup mix and soy sauce.  A perfect choice for the non red meat eaters!

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Grilled Bananas and Peaches

If you’ve got your grill turned on, what’s to stop you from grilling your favorite fruits.  A healthy alternative to the homemade pies and brownies that cloak the BBQs.

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Not Your Everyday Cole Slaw

What’s a BBQ without some fresh cole slaw as a side.  We love this recipe because it doesn’t contain mayonnaise!  Instead, you make a tasty dressing and add a crunch with grilled Ramen noodles and slivered almonds.  Can you say YUM?!

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Potato Salad

potato salad

It was hot enough yesterday to feel as if it were mid-July, save the terrible pollen count.

Walking around in the concrete jungle is the least desirable place with rising temperatures.

I longed for my own backyard, fresh cut grass, a fired up grill and a cool breeze. Instead, I was sweaty, stuck in the stale air, surrounded by high rises.

To cool me off, I decided to recreate a favorite dish when I got home. I wanted to channel my inner summer. For my family, potato salad [Read more…]

Carrot Chickpea Soup

carrotc hickpea

Thrilled to have resident soup expert, Serena– aka Seriously Soupy, with us to share one of her latest soup creations.  Serena has given soup tours and taught soup classes and boasts a catalog of over 100 homemade soups recipes.  With the change in weather, I asked Serena to focus on a recipe that compliments springtime…via color and flavor.

Here’s what Serena has to say:

Spring is a great way to experiment with lighter soups while also focusing on seasonal and fresh ingredients. During a recent trip to the local farmer’s market, I picked up a bunch of colorful carrots and parsnips which I thought would be a great combination for an earthy soup. To enhance it with additional nutritional benefits, I added in some chickpeas, sage, onions and garlic that made for a flavorful and filling soup. Enjoy.

Haroseth with Pears, Pecans and Figs

Haroseth is a chopped nut and fruit mixture served during the Passover Seder.  It’s usually eaten between two pieces of matzoh, to represent the mortar used by Jews in building palaces and pyramids of Egypt during their slavery.

I simply cannot figure out why I eat this amazingly flavorful fruit dish only two days out of the entire year.  It should NOT only be designated for this holiday.  Like many other dishes I’ve tackled, once in the kitchen and confronted with the ingredients and the directions, I couldn’t believe how easy it is to make.  Seriously, all that’s required is slicing and dicing and mixing of fruits and nuts and you’re done.

Haroseth ingredient palette

I love this Haroseth recipe featured in [Read more…]

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