Passover: Chocolate Covered Matzoh

As a parent raising a Jewish family away from my hometown, I find myself feeling a little unglued and very melancholic.

I miss the chaos of the seder meals from my youth.

I miss listening to my grandmother recite the prayers and my mother sing the holiday songs.

I miss the frenzy when we were allowed to finally get up from the table to search for the hidden pieces of matzoh (Afikomen) around the house.

These past two years, I feel so honored to have an all access  pass to Mom’s celebrated Passover recipes I categorized in the “Jewish Judy” tab of the My Judy the Foodie binder.  I can’t believe that this year for the first time, we’re mooching off families both nights of the seder meal. While I’m not hosting the actual meal, cooking Mom’s dishes continues to keep her spirit omnipresent in my kitchen and our lives. It also fills the conspicuous void that seems ever so deep during the holiday time. [Read more...]

Passover: Flourless Chocolate Cake with Apricot Filling


To continue our Passover culinary journey this week, I’m featuring another delicious recipe from Gloria Kobrin.   Remember, while these recipes are kosher for Passover, that doesn’t have to mean they lack taste!  In fact, they’re so delicious, you will find yourself baking them all year long.

Gloria has cooked her whole life for groups ranging from four to 100. She specializes in creating delicious gourmet food that is approachable to the home cook and that also happens to be Kosher. Gloria is the author of the Kosher Cookbook App for iPhone and iPad  and has just launched her new website:  She shares her recipes and cooking tips on her Kosher Cookbook page on Facebook:, on as well as on Instagram and on Pinterest.

Here’s what Gloria has to say:

This is a gluten-free chocolate cake that uses ground nuts instead of flour. I usually don’t like preserves with cake but, in this case, I made an exception. The apricot preserves add just the right amount of moisture and sweetness that this recipe needs. As an added bonus, you can make this cake two days in advance and keep it in the fridge until serving time!

Passover: Apple Matzoh Kugel

While Kugel has been a staple of Jewish cooking for centuries, this is only my very second year baking \ Mom’s kugel recipe (definitely check out  Mom’s Noodle Pudding).

Served hot or cold- as a side, or, for the sweeter versions, as a dessert-most people characterize kugel as a type of casserole or pudding made from egg noodles or  potatoes.  However, for Passover Mom used matzoh for the main substitute.

I know you’re probably thinking there’s no way a bland, hard, cracker-like piece of matzoh could ever replace the smooth soft texture and flavor of egg noodles.  But, surprisingly, it does!  With Mom’s kugel recipe, the matzoh sheets are steeped in water and soaked until they become completely softened.

Wet Matzoh draining water

Then they’re mashed together to wring out any leftover water.  When the wet, ultra soggy matzoh mush is combined with a batter made from eggs, sugar, oil,  cinnamon, apples and raisins, the mixture starts to resemble a paper mache experiment gone bad.

Matzoh with batter and fruits

Don’t fret, once in the oven baking, the sweet aromas wafting from the apples and cinnamon and raisins will alleviate any previous fears that this dish wouldn’t taste any better than baked cardboard.

It’s warm and moist and flavorful and very filling and best served as a side to any meat main course!


Passover: Chremsels


[krem-zuhl; Yiddish khrem-zuhl]

noun, plural chremz·lach [kremz-luhk, -lahk; Yiddish khremz-luhkh, -lahkh]  Jewish Cookery.

a flat cake made from matzo meal, topped or stuffed with a filling, as of ground meat or fruit and nuts.
Also, chrem·sel.
Today, Gloria Kobrin ( shares with us another favorite family Passover recipe: Chremsels.  Here’s what she has to say:

This recipe has been handed down from my Great Great Grandmother Ida who was born in Russia. [Read more...]

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